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C / C++ Courses ? 6 (Conditions – If Statements)

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They are used to compare some values and operate according to result.

The result can be true or false.

  • If the condition is true, it operates everything in if statement.
  • If the condition is false, it skips whole if statements and continue.

We can build conditional statements in two forms:

1-for multiple lines of operations;


statement 1;

statement 2;


2-for single line;

if (condition)


We can write paranthesis, but no need for this for single line.

*For building conditions, we use 2 types of operators:

1)Relational Operators

<, <=, >, >=

2)Equality Operators

==, !=

Ex; Write a program that allows the user to enter an integer. The program will print if the integer is positive or negative.


int main(){

int num;

printf("Enter an integer: ");



printf("%d is positive.",num);


printf("%d is negative.",num);

return 0;


Output will be like that: (Bold ones are entered by the user)

Enter an integer: 78

78 is positive.

or if we enter negative number:

Enter an integer: -11

-11 is negative.

Ex; Write a program that allows the user to enter 2 integers. The program will print largest of them or they are equal.


int main(){

int num1,num2;

printf("Enter 2 integers: ");



printf("%d is largest.",num1);


printf("%d is largest.",num2);


printf("They are equal to each other.");

return 0;


!!Pay Attention!!

“==” is equality operator.It’s used for comparing.

“=” is assignment operator. It’s used for assigning.

If we write

if (x=5){


this will be always true. It will make x’s value 5 and result will be always true. Don’t forget!

»Extra:If we write like below, it will print sth or not?

if ( 1 ){

printf(“Yes, this is true”);


Answer is in  the following lesson😉

?Answer of previous lesson’s extra:

int x,y;
float av= (x+y) / 2;

av=9/2;   // they have the same type, both of them are integer. Then result must be integer. Then;


c ya !  🙂

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