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[6 Eyl 2011 | Yorum Yok | 1.727 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 13 (Switch)

Switch is a selection structure just like if, if/else. It is not a repetition structure. Important points of using switch:
? We use switch while checking one variable with different outcomes with more than one value.

? It should be equality. Comparison (< or >) won’t work with switch.

? In switch, only integer can be used, not other types. But character is also acceptable, because as you know, character has also an integer value which is ASCII code. So we can say,

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[5 Eyl 2011 | Yorum Yok | 1.663 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 12 (Do/While and Comparison of Loops)

After a long time, i have started to continue this course. Because i got some mails which want me to complete this course. Even if there is someone who benefits this course, it is enough for me to be willing to continue. Let’s continue then;)


Let’s try one example with 3 different loops that we have learned before. Also this example will remind us how to use loops.

(1) int x=1;

while(x<=10){ ...

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[7 May 2011 | 2 Yorum | 2.110 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 11 (Negation Operator and For Loops)

The Negation Operator (! ? NOT)
if(! (x>10) )
printf(?%d?,x); //it will print ?3?.
printf(?hey?); //it will print ?hey?.
printf(?%d?,x); //it will print nothing.


3 Steps Which We Should Follow

1- Declare the input and use scanf initialized before while
2- Use the input in condition while and compare it with sentinal value
3- Change the input using scanf before the end of the loop

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[18 Ara 2010 | Yorum Yok | 1.754 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 9 (While Loops)

While Loops

*Counter Controlled Loops:

Steps that we should follow:

? 1- Declare and initialize a counter

? 2-Use the counter in the condition part of while

? 3-Change the value of the counter inside the loop (increment or decrement)

¤ These 3 steps must be used in our program, else it means there is something wrong.

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[17 Ara 2010 | Yorum Yok | 1.515 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 8 (OR, AND and Ternary Conditional Operators, Error Types)

?OR? and ?AND? Conditional Operators

In C, there is not any condition like that: if(00)


this means if the value is between 0 and 25, then run these statements.

True && True= True

True && False= False

False && False = False

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[29 Eki 2010 | 5 Yorum | 2.297 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 7 (Review and Continue with If Statements)

Let?s start with an example to remember previous course.

Write a program that enters a final grade of student and prints if the student passed or failed. (40 and above passed)


int main(){

int grade;

printf(?Enter the grade: ?);



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[3 Ağu 2010 | 4 Yorum | 1.875 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 5 (Calculations)

Let’s continue with calculation in C!
First of all, we should know about order of mathematical operations. Basicly, we can say the order is like that:
1) ( ) paranthesis
2) * (product), / (division) , % (remainder of division)
3) + (summation), – (difference)
If operations are in the same order ( like + and – ), than the priority belongs to one that comes first.
int x= 5 * 4 / 2 + ( 4 + 2 );
If we print, it will find x …

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[22 Tem 2010 | C / C++ Courses ? 2 (Output, Escape Characters & Comments) için yorumlar kapalı | 1.504 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 2 (Output, Escape Characters & Comments)

Let’s continue to refresh our minds:

The first function that we should know is printf function..

This function is used for output. The usage of this function is so simple.

Whatever you want to write as output on the screen, you can put this between quotation marks (” “)

printf(” (Things that you want to see on the screen will be here) “);

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[19 Tem 2010 | 2 Yorum | 1.929 views ]
C / C++ Courses ? 1 (Introduction to C)

Let’s start with memories. There are two kinds of memory:

Temporary Memory: Also called “Primary Memory“. When we say temporary memory, RAM comes to our minds. It contains little space, but it is expensive.
Permanent Memory: Also called “Secondary Memory“.You know this is related to Hard Disc. It needs more space, but it is cheaper than temporary memory.

This theoratical information is enough for now. Let’s make a quick start to programming. The basic terms that a C Program should have, …

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[18 Tem 2010 | 5 Yorum | 1.853 views ]
C / C++ Training Courses

Selam herkese,
Biraz da alanımızla ilgili bir çalışma yapma gereksinimi hissettim. Başlamışken de en temel dil olan “c” programlama dilinden başlamak istedim. Hele de Tara SALİH gibi (bilenler bilir) mükemmel bir hocadan bu dersi alma şansını ucu ucuna yakaladığım için, bunu yapmam gerekiyor sanırım. Yukarıda “course” yazdığına da bakmayın, sadece bildiklerimi paylaşıcam, artık ne kadar biliyorsam o kadar, idare edin. 🙂
Ancak herkesin yararlanması için ve üniversitede dersleri ingilizce gördüğümüz için  ingilizce olarak paylaşmak istiyorum. Zaten rahatlıkla anlayabileceksiniz, çünkü ben yazıcam:) Şimdiden …

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