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Virtual Operating Systems

2 August 2010 1,365 views 5 Comments

Hey, have you ever try virtual operating system on your pc?

If you say no, come and try it ­čśë

Virtual OS also covers space, so it’s better to use a high-performanced computer. (Benden s├Âylemesi! Sonra kas─▒yor demeyin)

* Firstly, install virtual box by clicking here.

* If you want to see installing VirtualBox on Windows XP step by step, click!

* Then make your first trial. Try to install Virtual XP on Vista wih VirtualBox. Need help? Click here!

* Or you can try to install Ubuntu by using VirtualBox. this is second time, you can do this by yourself. Trust me:)

But, if you need help yine de:p , click here!

Ho┼č├žakal─▒n ­čÖé


  • Sessiz ├çocuk says:

    I want to ask about Oracle VM, if u use it ordinary. When I use a software product into VM to scale its performance, does it gives the exact results? Some tolerations can be in VM. Thanks

  • Sessiz ├çocuk says:

    Sorry about the grammmar.

  • Ziynet says:

    T├╝rk├že sorabilirdin:)
    VM’s performance will not be the exact operating system, of course. However, it is good to be able to use more than one operation system at the same time, to be able to change whenever i want etc.

  • Sessiz ├çocuk says:

    Hakl─▒s─▒n. Benim baz─▒ hocalar─▒m olmu┼čtu, ders ─░ngilizceydi. ─░ngilizce soru sormak konusunda hassast─▒. Bende belki T├╝rk├že sorarsam yanl─▒┼č anla┼č─▒l─▒r diye d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m. Ama bundan sonra dikkat ederim. Te┼čekk├╝rler cevap i├žin. ­čśë

  • Ziynet says:

    Rica ederim.


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